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How do I qualify to become a customer?

**You must be a business and able to provide a business license, reseller license or Federal Tax ID documents.**  You can complete the registration form on the website.  You can also upload the required documentation when filling out the registration form.  Once a copy of your documentation has been received and verified, we activate your account so you may see pricing and shop on the website.


Do you sell retail?

No, we are ONLY a wholesale supplier.


Do you honor special requests?

We honor each special request on a case by case basis. Contact us by phone 800-601-9973 or email us at for special requests. 


Can I return an item?

Yes, within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us for approval then send the product in its original package with a copy of the invoice and a short note of why you are returning it.


What if I am shorted or find a defect in my product?

Please note that most of our products are weighed and that different scales will weigh slightly heavy or light. If there is a serious shortage or obvious damage, please contact us and we will do our best to correct the issue.


What happens when I refer someone to you?

We really appreciate it when you refer your friends and business associates to us! We will give you a $30.00 credit on your account for each customer you have referred when they place $500.00 worth of product orders with us. You can use this credit toward your next purchase. 


How can I start a line of credit?

Contact us for information and an application about opening an account. 

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